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1 Feb

Gaulke started riding seven years ago and has been racing in

The new do it yourself PR requirements are simple: a few uploaded songs and the patience to spend hours at a keyboard, checking out kids’ favorite bands and inviting the right demographic to the musician’s circle of friends. If the strategy works, it only takes a few minutes of online listening for a stranger to become a fan. That’s how Quietdrive, a Minneapolis band virtually unknown in the local scene, found almost 40,000 online supporters across the country and signed a deal with Sony BMG subsidiary Epic Records despite a lack of radio play, press coverage, or endless touring.

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Cheap Jerseys china Cheyenne Central High School junior Wyatt Gaulke poses for a portrait with his bike at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle studio. Is freedom, Gualke said about his passion for riding and racing road bicycles. Gaulke started riding seven years ago and has been racing in Colorado for the past four years. Cheap Jerseys china

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